The Adapted Home

We’ve had to let go of a lot of ideas about what our life would be like as parents. Embracing neurodiversity has made a huge difference around here.

Write Your Own Success Story

As outliers we have to be responsible for writing our own success stories instead of being upset that we aren’t accommodated.

Infant Intensity

Learning leaps with gifted babies means more than just rolling over. They are intense periods of mental development that catapult them into asynchronous territory.

Review: Story of the World: Part I

If not unschooling, then what? Nothing seemed to get me excited or spark the interest of my kids. I felt really overwhelmed and lost in the jungle of homeschooling. Just by chance I saw that my Audible membership was having a free book day. I downloaded “The Well-Trained Mind” after a cursory review search. Not knowing what I was getting into, I pressed play.