The Adapted Home

We’ve had to let go of a lot of ideas about what our life would be like as parents. Embracing neurodiversity has made a huge difference around here.

An open letter to Farrah Alexander

I didn’t know that seeing a link to your Huffington Post piece was going to cause me a myriad of emotions; mainly anger and sadness. Mostly though I want to start with an apology to you.

I want to apologize to you because you are hurting. Clearly you are hurting. Any parent who takes to an international stage to humiliate not only their child but a whole community of people they have never met is hurting.

The First Day Of School

Back to school pictures as an asynchronous family can feel like a lie. What grade is my child actually in anyway?

Write Your Own Success Story

As outliers we have to be responsible for writing our own success stories instead of being upset that we aren’t accommodated.